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If you represent a brand which is focused on youth and aligned with our vision. Then feel free to contact us.

We have two options available.

Interview Driven Sponsor. You can check with us and ask about upcoming interviews. We will credit you as the lead sponsor for that interview. For example, if you represent a sports brand, you can sponsor interviews with sportspersons.

Monthly Sponsor. You can sponsor the content for a month.

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Y&S News

I want to thank you for your love and support for Young & Shining.

It started with series of interviews. One by one new community members joined. The small journey so far has been an exciting one.

I am sure it will be amazing going forward. 2013 was the year of beginning. 2014 will be the year of growth. I’ll keep sharing what is coming up. It looks like that there will more inspiring interviews, articles to help you grow, a chance for some of you to get more involved.┬áStay Tuned.

Thank you. Here is wishing you a super awesome 2014.

– Aishwarya, creator of Young & Shining

— Dec 31 2013

The brand new Young&Shining website is now live!

— Jul 25 2013