About Young & Shining.
We are Young. We are Shining. We will change the world for good. By sharing stories of those who took the road less traveled. Those who had the courage to follow their dreams , who stayed on the path.

Let us go on this exciting journey together.
We are in this together. Do not just read these stories. Get inspired and take action. There will be plenty of inspiration for everyone. You may not feel connected to every story here but there will be some for sure that will find a unique space in your heart. Make them your driver of change. Make them the reason for your new start.

And if you are already on the path then stay there. Stand for something. Live a life with purpose. There are zombies around don’t be one of them. Be the one who shows the light and shines with the light within.

You are a unique human being. We love you. We want you to win. We are here for you.

Y&S News

I want to thank you for your love and support for Young & Shining.

It started with series of interviews. One by one new community members joined. The small journey so far has been an exciting one.

I am sure it will be amazing going forward. 2013 was the year of beginning. 2014 will be the year of growth. I’ll keep sharing what is coming up. It looks like that there will more inspiring interviews, articles to help you grow, a chance for some of you to get more involved.┬áStay Tuned.

Thank you. Here is wishing you a super awesome 2014.

– Aishwarya, creator of Young & Shining

— Dec 31 2013

The brand new Young&Shining website is now live!

— Jul 25 2013