Angel Bedi

Artist / New Delhi, India

Creative Entrepreneur, Who Is Totally Filmy and Loves to Draw.

Angel Bedi in her own words ".. is still figuring things out." But all those who love her work think she has got it all figured out. We love her so you know what we think about her. Her legions of fans (on Facebook) go gaga over what she does. If Angel Bedi aka The Filmy Owl were to react to this intro she will probably write - Mogambo Khush Hua.. haha.. of course she will do it in her own quirky and unique style. Dig in to learn more about the lady and the brand.
Hey Angel, it is great to have you on Young and Lets get back into time, for a moment. How was Angel Bedi as a kid like? What did she want to be at the age when we have no limits? What were your wild dreams then?
 I have always been a very in the moment kind of a person. Even as a kid I had no such crazy dreams of becoming something fantastic or academically awesome of sorts. I just remember being very arty. My favorite part of a new semester would be covering the notebooks and writing my name in random fonts all over the front page.
Who were your biggest influences growing up – people, places, books, objects?
I was the Zee cinema and not the cartoon network kind of kid. I was obsessed with movies and Amrish Puri was the centre of my make belief universe. I would dress up like Pooja Bhatt from Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi and only talk in filmy dialogues. haha
When did the doodling start?

The first few memories my mother has saved of me are silly sketches of alligators I used to doodle when I couldn’t even talk. My dad has the coolest free hand ever and I still am and will always be in love with his confident strokes. Growing up all I did was copy this particular doodle of the vintage ‘love is’ cartoons he’d make in birthday cards for me.

Did you get a regular job? If you did – what were the good and not so good things about it?

My sense of being is very frisky, hence I would do justice to no job. Also there has never been an obligation to do the ‘correct’ thing as my folks are pretty cool like that. I did try giving interviews, for a job in advertising, but it never really worked out. I interned with happily unmarried and I think they spoilt me to bits. No nine to five for this owl .

2 facts about you which people do not know still.

I am so out there with this filmyowl business that I share very little detail that pops in my head. I don’t think there are any secrets of sorts. But I have a slight bit of numeric dyslexia and sometimes I’m bi polar. ( haha )

What do you love about yourself the most?

The fact that i’ll never take the short cut. I’d rather be stuck in a traffic jam and listen to the radio. I have this strong believe that only good things will happen to me. I guess that’s my favorite thing about me.

If not doodling then what? Music, friends, food, anything else.. if all of them then put them in order of your preference and share..

My life is incomplete without my black pen and paints. But if not doodling, then admitting that I have a definite weakness for music would be the right thing to do. jamming with my lovely guitar and harmonium playing gagsters is one of the top ten favorite things. Right next to mutton biryani.

Did your creative expression won you fans at home, or you still have to explain why you do it?

Even I don’t know why I do what I do. And why so many people adore the silly things. Still figuring things out I guess.

Please share your favorite work with Y & S readers.. 1 or more pieces of creations.


What’s your dream life like? What do you want to achieve ultimately?

One day I’ll have a little garden with old cars and three wheelers with gendha fools growing inside them and bugs and doggies will play foolish games. I have a definite future in my head and I know what it looks like. I hope things work out the way they are supposed to so I can get my garden and puppies.

My website is being lazy like me but it will go live soon ( within this year ) and we all can indulge in silliness and quirky t shirts and pajamas.

Are you a digital screen person or one who enjoys a paper and pencil more?

I am so bad with the digital stuff, all my doodles are hand drawn.

Your message to those who are just getting out of college, and those thinking about making career choices?

Slow down and breath. Take a break. Year off. Get a silly job that pays nothing. Help people. Figure yourself out before you throw yourself in the awkward jungle. Do whatever you believe you are good at but always be smart and have a backup plan. Don’t let your love and talent be your backup.

Where can the Y & S readers connect with The Filmy Owl  and learn more about your projects?


    Can I get her official email Id ??

About Angel Bedi

Angel Bedi is the creator of "The Filmy Owl". She graduated from NIFT in 2011. For a while, she worked with Happily Unmarried. This stint helped hone her natural skills. Her fans love the spontaneity and filminess that comes out in her creations. Over past couple of years her popularity has grown manifold. She is now ready to take the entrepreneurial plunge with the opening of "The Filmy Owl" online store. [Photo Credits: Ashish Sharma]

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16 December 2013

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